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Accessibility means full web access, taking functional capacity, cognitive and vision impairment into consideration. Accessibility increases general usability of web services and promotes equal services for all. Our services include accesibility consultation, development work as well as trainings. 

1. Consulting your web accessibility

An Anders accessibility report includes a comprehensive amount of testing, but the time available is always given to key areas of the web service in co-operation with the client.

Roughly a fifth of the whole process goes to listing the analysis produced by testing tools and going over the results. The rest of the time is spent systematically going over the use of the website or service. 

We'll provide you with an estimate of your website's current status compared to the requirements given in the Accessibility Directive. And we'll also give you a preliminary estimate of what the correction of different areas would cost. Our experts prioritise the findings, thus allowing you to focus on making sensible decisions based on our report.

2. Implementing accessibility to web wervice

We carry out web accessibility to your web service, either by modifying the existing service or building a new one from the scratch. As developing the service, we take the Accessibility Directive requirements as well as a WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) into account.

When web service is developed with qualified code and accessibility has been noticed, it can e.g. be navigated using only a keyboard. With accessible webpage, people with disabilities are able to use your services.

3. Web accessibility training

We offer trainings to brief your employees, especially content producers, to carry out Accessibility Directive requirements by themselves. After training, employees understand what accessible websites stand for and how they can create content that considers all the users.

For example, it is typically enough for a content producer to present a comprehensive sampling of different situations where the contrast ratio of a service is insufficient. Our trainings are really practical we utilize concrete examples. We also provide clear guidance, that supports self-learning afterword.

More about testing: read our new article about accessibility.

Web Accessibility Directive

The Accessibility Directive and national legislation obligate public administration organisations to make their digital services accessible.

According to sources provided by the National Council on Disability VANE and other organisations for persons with disabilities, there are over a million Finns (i.e. roughly 20% of the Finnish population) that fall within the scope of web accessibility. The Act entered into effect on 1 April 2019 and enforcement of its requirements will be phased into effect beginning on 23 September 2019.

Accessibility is implemented in an effort to update government websites, mobile applications and their content so that they can be used by anyone. The Directive promotes equality and provides everyone with the opportunity to fully participate in an increasingly digital society. 

The Accessibility Directive applies to all public administration organisations as well as enterprises and organisations that are publicly-owned or receive financial assistance from the state.

Industrial examples:

  • Government authorities 
  • Municipality authorities and public utilities
  • Part of the Parliament's Offices and Office of the President
  • Orthodox Churches
  • Universities
  • University of Applied Sciences

The main principles of the Accessibility Directive

Principles are geared toward solving these challenges:


The Directive focuses on examining the suitability of website content for various presentation methods, i.e. whether media content can be transcribed into text and text into speech as well as how accessible the essential service content is.


The focus is on the logical order and smooth transitions between different parts of a service or website. This is verified by, for example, going through the website content using only the keyboard.


The focus is placed particularly on ensuring that the content production is clear, understandable and sufficiently concise.


The focus is placed particularly on monitoring good practices with the technologies used as well as operating on different platforms.

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