Smart Cities

The objectives of the cities are largely consistent regarding smart services. When using open source code, sharing and developing agile together benefits everyone. Open source enables cost-effective duplication of services and city-specific customization, which is sustainable software development at its best.

The cities have noticed that utilizing open-source technologies and using gile methods yields better, more user-friendly services and a large savings in cost. With open source services, each service can be customized with additional services. Transparency and the replicability of services provide a digitally sustainable development. 

Anders has experience in implementing dozens of public sector open source solutions and we are experts in co-development. We have taken part in the development of different digital solutions and open application programming interfaces with the cities of Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo, and Turku. The need for public digital services is general, no matter where you are.

What makes a smart city?

  • Reservation services (Rooms, places, harbor spots)
  • Renting services (renting land)
  • Map services
  • Document management services (zoning management)
  • Accessible online services according to the EU Accessibility Directive

Services for the public sector

  • Consulting (procurements, agile development, infra and cloud services, machine learning, IoT and more)
  • Development and hiring experts

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Mikko Kivistö

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