Everything you need to run a successful multivendor ecommerce marketplace. Setup your own Amazon, Grubhub, or Netflix. Let merchants sell products, services, rentals, and electronic goods through your multivendor storefront. Shuup can handle any project, from a niche online store, to a huge marketplace like eBay or Amazon.

Shuup Multivendor Marketplace Software

Any ecommerce marketplace innovation

Let unlimited vendors sell unlimited products

Enterprise and open source licensing

Anders has many years of experience digitalizing our clients’ ecommerce business processes and now our field of expertise is expanding to the multivendor marketplace world. Anders partnered with an international marketplace platform, Shuup, which enables Anders to create large-scale online marketplaces.

Shuup is modern marketplace software that can be used in any industry. Merchants can sell anything including products, services, rentals, and electronic goods. This means you can create any innovative marketplace idea like Grubhub, eBay, Netflix, Postmates, Wag, Fiverr, Upwork, Behance, and more.

With giant online malls like Amazon, multivendor marketplaces instantly gain the product catalogues of all their vendors. This gives customers much more to shop for, increasing total value. Vendors conduct day-to-day sales and handle products and orders, while the site owner focuses on managing the marketplace. The marketplace owner collects commissions on every sale.

Shuup is robust enough to scale to any amount of traffic and can be customized for complex business processes. New features are easy to build to meet the exact requirements of the client. Shuup can also be connected to any other software a business uses through API’s, including Odoo ERP.

Shuup Features

Shuup's advanced features handle every aspect of a company’s ecommerce business and allow for complex custom solutions.

Multivendor Ecommerce

Multivendor marketplaces instantly gain the product catalogues of all their vendors. This gives customers much more to shop for, increasing store value. Vendors handle the day-to-day sales and handling of products while the store owner focuses on managing the marketplace.

Admin Control Dashboard

Shuup makes it easy to manage thousands of vendors and millions of product listings. This includes overseeing and approving vendors, verifying products and listings, and enabling overall marketplace improvements.

Separate Vendor Dashboard

Each vendor has a separate dashboard, where they manage their own listings, profile page info, logo and images, shipping zones, methods and rates, and get personalized reports. A robust notification system helps vendors manage their products and orders efficiently.

Multiple Levels of Administrative Access

Running a large-scale marketplace is much easier when delegating certain duties to your staff members. Allow your team to manage the marketplace for you by making them administrators, and only give them access they need.

Adaptive Commissions

Attract more vendors by offering affordable commissions on low-margin product categories. You can also earn more per sale by increasing commissions for high-margin items. This creates fairness in your marketplace rewarding all sellers equally.

Multivendor Order Management System

In a multivendor marketplace, customers can buy goods from several vendors in one order. You as the administrator can see both orders, but each vendor can only see the part of the order with their products.

Vendor Locations

Vendor locations are great for local delivery or service networks. Customers can choose the shortest delivery time, drive time, or distance. Vendors or products can also be displayed on a map and filtered by distance.

Inventory Management

Robust inventory tracking and notifications make sure your vendors never run out of stock. Track sales and best-selling products to maximize inventory ROI. Vendors can track stock levels and setup notifications for anything based on rules.

Delivery Driver Management

Create a scalable multivendor delivery platform. Let customer choose the vendor closest on the map or the one with the fastest delivery time. Control and dispatch drivers, accept mobile payments, create mobile driver apps, and more.

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