Open source code Enterprise Resource Planning system Odoo is a versatile ERP -solution for different sized companies. Our partnership with Odoo is a natural addition to our field of open source technology expertise.

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning System

3,7 million users

30 base modules and 4500 applications

Community and Enterprise models

Anders has many years of experience digitalizing our clients’ business processes and now our field of expertise is expanding to Enterprise Resource Planning. Anders partnered with an international ERP manufacturer, Odoo, which enables Anders to make even more complete services for our customers.

Odoo is a modern Enterprise Resource planning software that can be used in various industries. Odoo has 30 base modules, and in addition to those, there’s 4500 different applications to fit different challenges. The software is completely customizable to support your company’s business processes. The simplest solutions might only require a single application for a specific industry. For a larger customer-specific need the software can be customized, in which Anders has plenty of experience.

Open source code's advantages are multiplied, when they are used in resource planning. Open source code means that the code is easy to customize and it’s easy to integrate seamlessly compared to a closed program. Open source code also has the advantage of being constantly developed and maintained by 20 000 developers. This brings unbeatable security and fast paced development which can be seen in cost reduction and the long-term support.

Modularity of Odoo means it can be implemented by stages and its scalable from one user to thousands. Implementation in stages is risk free and very cost-effective compared to a monolithic implementation of a software.

Odoo applications

Odoos' versatile applications support companies entire business and its modules can be used to form a custom solution to fit the customer's need.

Customer relationship manager

The customer relationship manager manages the whole sales process from a lead to a deal.


This system helps you handle sales offers, orders, and invoicing.

Marketing and events

Allows Email campaigns, customer surveys and event handling for websites made with Odoo.

Indirect Procurement

With our procurement application you can handle tenders and production orders online. The system is integrated to financial management, production and inventory management.

Inventory and logistics

With this application you can control multiple storages, inventories and follow production. The application supports different accounting models (for example average price or FIFO)

Project and consulting services

With project management you can gather project specific accounting information from different subsystems and you can manage projects for example from List, Kanban or Gantt dashboards.

Human Resources and recruiting

The Application allows a complete personnel database in one ease place including recruiting, contracts and working time management.

Financial management and profitability

Financial management includes external and internal accounting, raporting and accounts ledgers for outstanding accounts and debts. The Web-service interface allows you to manage bills.

Production and manufacturing

MRP production application supports ordering-/customer project developer companies. The system can be used to manage the whole production and planning the supply chain.

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