Public Sector Development

Modern cities want to buy their digital services using agile development, with open source technologies and strong cooperation. 

Many units of the public sector have realised that using open source code, sharing and developing together benefits everyone. For one of our client, the City of Helsinki, all projects are developed using agile development and open source methodologies. Instead of a large project, the service is put together piece by piece (prototype, alpha, beta) all the while testing with the end users. The city has also noticed that using these methods yields better, more user-friendly services and large savings in cost. Openness ensures that anyone can develop new services based on the foundation we provide for the City of Helsinki.

There is an enormous evolution over the past ten years. The big IT- firms used to develop monolithic services costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of euros, and in addition there were expensive licenses for those softwares. Unfortunately, the end result was rarely perfect. With open source solutions those situations are a thing of the past, and with agile development users can affect the result throughout the project. The goal for both parties is to develop a solution meeting the need of the customer.

Anders has taken part in development of different digital solutions and open application programming interfaces with Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo and Turku. The need for digital services are the same wherever you are. The basic needs for cities are, for example:

  • Reservation services (Rooms, places, harbor spots)
  • Renting services (renting land)
  • Map services
  • Document management services (zoning management)

Because the services are developed with open source code, using them is easy and cost effective. Each service can be customized with additional services.

Open source solutions and open APIs in the public sector

Open innovation platforms are the development of new products, services and markets enabling the community to create new services, solutions and businesses. Open data and open APIs are the ingredients for the development of cross-industry services.

Services for the public sector

  • Consulting (procurements, agile development, infra and cloud services, machine learning, IoT and more)
  • Development and hiring experts


Our customers want to be developing a digital Finland.

Other customers: City of Turku, City of Tampere, City of Espoo

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