Innovative Business Solutions

Digitalization offers new solutions for businesses. We refine innovative ideas together with our customers and build high-quality solutions.

Anders has been working with multiple innovative business solutions for a decade. Step into our office with a ready-made idea or rely on our experts to develop your idea that fits your needs. The idea can be brand new or a new model for an already existing process. Anders has diverse areas of expertise and different options for different product development processes.

Brainstorming can be done using workshops, which is a powerful and intuitive way to go through ideas. The one day or two day long workshops can be used to test solutions against a specific need, or to build a prototype. Design sprint is used to work out a complete user interface and design for the prototype. Prototypes and Proof of Concept testing are excellent ways of putting ideas into practice and to confirm the need for the solution.

Three phase solution implementation and testing:

  1. Idea refining workshop (from 3 hours)
  2. Our experts build a prototype (1 week)
  3. Presentation of the prototype or concept (2 hours)

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Pekka Pulkkinen

Pekka Pulkkinen

Business Development Director

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