As we move into the decade of 2020, the amount of data within organization is massive and full of different information flows. Our core expertise is to integrate external data sources into existing business services and utilize information in new service concepts. We support the enrichment, management, analysis and visualization of existing customer data.


Information that flows between companies’ internal external systems are vital for digital efficiency and a seamless customer experience. The information required by a company’s core processes is often scattered across different systems, and slow availability often becomes a bottleneck. The demand for innovation and flexibility further emphasizes the importance of high-quality system integrations.

Modern networked business often requires significant information flows across industry boundaries or stakeholders. The management of these data flows can take advantage of modern API management solutions that enable the organization to open its ;data in a controlled and secure manner.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are needed to represent and manage geographic data. GIS systems provide truly visual and user-friendly online services, for example, to demonstrate regional services or nature trails. Geopraphic visualization might be helpful when there are regional variations in your business.

We have experience in several GIS projects at different scales. GIS technologies enable the storage, analysis, visualization, or production of geographic information for web service users.


IoT (Internet of Things) is referred to when physical devices are connected to the network by sensors. IoT devices are more commonly known as smart devices, which can be, for example, activity watches or smart home devices. Smart devices provide their users with valuable and new information that can be used to improve an existing service or create new ones.

Our strength is in understanding the organization’s background systems and core processes as well as in data management. We have experience in building IoT platforms and system integrations. We also assist with data management and innovation of new smart services.


Open data is public information that is freely available to government, organizations, or companies. The information can be statistics, maps, videos, or 3D models, and it can be used, for example, to develop your own or external business services. Finland is considered to be advanced with regard to open data.

We have helped build open data solutions in data visualization, access to physical services, and workplace safety. Tell us your ideas and we put the open data to work!



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Terhi Sorvali

Terhi Sorvali



Contact us and book a free consultation meeting to see what we could do for your company?


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