Experts for Hire

An external expert is a profitable investment if, for example, project management expertise is lacking or the need for a technical expert is short-term. An external expert can question the project plan and help execute the project. Sometimes you just need extra hands to help you finish your project on schedule.

CTO / CIO for hire

If the company does not have its own IT department, and is facing a large-scale IT project, hiring an external CIO is often a wise decision. This Technology Director acts as the project's trustee who oversees the implementation of the project plan. An external CIO is also responsible for communication between the IT vendor and the customer. An outside expert can question as well as encourage the team to finish the project with as few unpleasant surprises as possible.

Project expert or team for hire

Hiring a team or a pair of hands for an IT project is necessary if the right substance knowledge is lacking or if you need help staying on your project schedule. When hiring a workforce for the project execution, the project ownership remains with the customer. If your project management skills are insufficient, you have the possibility to hire an external Scrum master or project manager. In these situations, we are responsible for completing the project.

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