Digitization of medical and pharmacy services

Digitalization of the healthcare industry brings opportunities to both companies and consumers. The goal is to develop a service that brings healthcare closer to the consumer.

The healthcare industry is being digitalized and this brings a lot of changes to the field. Smart devices, cloud services and integrations bring new opportunities to the industry. A well-made complete digital implementation is the key to these changes. Data storage, sharing and protection must be secure, and that security and logging must meet regulations.

Anders has multiple years of experience with health sector projects and has a strong grasp on integration and IoT platforms, both of which are important pieces of the healthcare reform. We have been onboard developing a web shop platform for pharmacies, and we have developed multiple projects with airtight electronic identification. Our online pharmacy platform is used by almost 100 pharmacies.

We want to be a part of the health sector's digitalization and create smoothly run processes and user-friendly systems. Our organization can produce large complete systems or sections of a larger project. Our developers can work flexibly either on demand or by renting a team.


Our customers want to develop user-friendly services closer to the consumers.

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Riku Voipio

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