Development of digital services

Our goal is to make business oriented, long-term, and smart solutions using opensource code.

Development of digital solutions

Development of digital services can be done as turn-key projects or by hiring experts to help with projects. We trust open source code and agile development, both of which support our transparency and customer oriented philosophy

Agile Development

The development process at Anders is very flexible and effective due to our method of agile development. During our process, the client is actively taking part in the project to ensure every need is met. Our development method is based on our AWOD (Anders Way of Doing) principle, which ensures the best possible outcome.

Hiring a team

For individual projects hiring a team of experts might me more profitable than allocating resources from your own organization. The hired team will focus solely on productive development work. The team is responsible for building and consulting a technical solution according to the client’s wishes so that the client is acting as the project leader.

Web Accessibility

We offer testing, consulting and web development for web services to appliance Accessibility Directive obligations. Our experts prioritise the findings, thus allowing you to focus on making sensible decisions based on our report. Roughly a fifth of the process is done by using tools but the rest of the time is spent systematically going over the use of the website or service.

Open Source

We trust open source systems because the development community is constantly updating and refining the code base. The continuous development work of thousands of people makes open source technology unbeatable in security. Open source code solutions are also not dependent on a supplier and they are easy to integrate and customize.

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