Core systems & Processes

With the help of smart processes, organizations can streamline their business and automate manual workflows. By streamlining your core systems as well as business processes you can focus on the right things and create a competitive edge. Our solutions take your business to the next level.

Operational systems

We understand the importance of enterprise back end systems, and together with our partners, we enhance our customer’s core business processes. 

We have strong expertise in developing and maintaining claim management systems and a comprehensive understanding of the customer's operational business, including API integrations. Automation of claims management avoids human error, and it helps you focus on the development of your business rather than the manual work.

Process automation

The company's core processes include purchasing and order processing, invoicing, document management, and customer service. The first step in digitalization is often the development of the internal processes. Finding unprofitable processes in an organization improves service quality. Digital tools can automate multiple work steps.

Anders offers comprehensive expertise in evaluating internal processes and leveraging digital capabilities. It is worthwhile to evaluate the possibilities of digitalization as a whole and to consider the integration of tools through APIs and thus automate processes.

Machine learning

The basis of machine learning is when a machine is programmed to improve its performance by independently learning data, without the need for specific instructions. Machine learning is already being used to a great extent in predicting customer behavior. For example, in online shopping, ML is used to offer targeted products that are being predicted based on the consumer’s purchasing behavior or purchase history.

We have been involved in several machine learning projects and are constantly developing our skills. We also cooperate on projects with IBM Watson.

Cloud services

Cloud services enable efficient management of systems, flexible development, and cost-effective business operations. This is why cloud services are involved in most digitalization projects, when existing systems are migrated to cloud platforms or new ones are built directly as a service. The need for various hybrid solutions is also in demand.

We have expertise in various cloud and security services. We consult, coach, provide cloud architecture design and migration, as well as ongoing development or maintenance.

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Riku Voipio

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