Continous services

Our domestic team of top notch experts ensures that the core systems of your digital business work flawlessly around the clock, scale as needed and adapt to the changing world together with the organization. We provide high-quality continuous services to support our customers' business continuity, which covers e.g. secure cloud capacity and server maintenance, application maintenance, continuous integration pipes, and support service even around the clock.

Application Support

The service includes a domestic team of experts who are responsible for providing customer support for the services to the customer. The team takes care of your daily needs such as monitoring your core systems, service documentation, reporting and lifecycle management. As part of the application service, our customer-centric team helps you to plan changes and further development to your system. The whole package covers the coordination of further development, export of changes to the test environment and production, and version control of your application.

System Support

The goal of the standardized service model is to ensure, in cooperation with the customer, efficient and high-quality service production in accordance with the customer's business needs and the continuous development of services. The supplier's system services are provided by a team of experts assigned to this task. Our team makes sure that your system environment is always up-to-date and monitored around the clock. Whether you use more traditional virtual service solutions or complex DevOps environments, we are up to the task.

Alarm service 24/7

Do you want to be sure that someone is ready to respond to any technical issues with your service around the clock? Our team of experts will take over what ever system is needed and the on-call team will be ready to operate at any time of the day if the automatic alarm system starts alerting. No alarm is left unresponsive and debugging will be started no later than five minutes after the issue is being detected. We'll watch over your systems, just sleep tight.

DevOps Support

Would you like to free your developer to focus on what’s essential, that is to develop your service without having to spend part of the time to constantly maintaining increasingly complex background solutions and cloud architectures? We provide you the DevOps professionals to maintain your CI / CD pipes, or to configure your container cluster, or whatever your environment is. And if you're not interested in maintaining your own DevOps environment, you can also get the full DevOps functions from us, which we use in our own operations.

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Riku Voipio

Riku Voipio

Business Development Director, Sales