Cloud Services

Not everything needs to be done by ourselves. The maintenance and updates of your service are more profitable to outsource, which leaves more time to develop your own core business processes. Managing your own systems is challenging and vulnerability risks are increasing. It is much more expensive to repair broken ones than to maintain an intact system. Let us give you easy and carefree maintenance, where we take care of your ICT infrastructure.

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Operational Services

It is the responsibility of the service providers to make sure that the customer has a seamless environment and easy-to-maintain ICT infrastructure. Operational services must be able to scale agile to different capacity levels and maintain a high level of security despite changes.

Operational services stand for the capacity and maintenance services of organizations that include capacity services, facilities, infrastructure and management. The package also includes telecommunications and firewall solutions. The benefit is that you don't have to manage everything yourself and you get carefree maintenance in return for outsourcing services.


DevOps is a model that has the benefits of making operations more efficient. The operation model accelerates the deployment, automates quality assurance, and thus improves project performance. Improved production efficiency is directly reflected in project cost savings and maintenance reliability.

We provide consulting and training, cloud computing design and migration, as well as continuous development and maintenance. According to the customer's wishes, we also implement hybrid models when necessary for the customer's business.

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Application Support

Maintaining business-oriented applications means ensuring system performance, while our customers are able to focus on developing their business. In a rapidly evolving operating environment, managing and updating multiple systems is already challenging, and it is increasing the risk of critical vulnerabilities.

Application management is about usability and maintaining your system. When surprise bugs hit your system, we have experts on duty to alert you and fix them. We will also handle the necessary system updates to ensure your online service meets the business requirements.

Technical Support

Support 24/7

We offer our customers 24-hour on-call service and automated monitoring of services. Our experts are there at all times, ready to fix potential issues. Our support phone is open every day of the year and the responsible person will begin responding to the issue within half an hour of receiving the notification.

User Support

Our standard support is available during office hours and will respond to service requests by the next business day at the latest.

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