Brainstorming and experimentation

Anders provides comprehensive knowledge on innovative product development. Customers may have a clear vision of the solution or the vision may take shape together with our team.

Product development methods

The best possible outcome is born when innovations are tested before production. Our different development methods are designed to ensure the concept works and the customer is satisfied. Test versions provide the customer with a concrete model of the product.

PoC Proof of Concept

A good method for internal projects when you want to test a theory or a concept in action. The idea is to prove that the product is viable.

Prototype Test version

We will make an example, prototype, of the desired system to test wanted functionalities. Prototype is a concrete tool to test the system and imitate how the system would work.

MVP Minimum Viable Product

We aim to develop a system with minimal functionalities for the customer to test the concept and its viability and development possibilities as early as possible. Finetuning and additional applications are added after this stage.

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