Service Design

Service design utilizes user's experiences and perspectives to create more functional and user-friendly services. A good customer experience also benefits the company, for example with strengthened customer loyalty.


Service design is user-oriented development of services and business, which aims to build easy-to-use and comprehensive products and services. User orientation refers to the involvement of users in the design process, which helps to identify the needs and desires of the users.

Service design process

In practice, the service design process includes for example building a customer journey maps, doing user surveys and interviews, and testing solution models with the actual users. This provides a clearer picture of how users see the service and what is important to them. Integrating users into the design phase ensures that the service solution becomes user-friendly and supports company’s business.

Customer participation

In addition to the user, it is also important to involve the client in the development project. Understanding the needs, goals and business of the customer company helps to develop the service into a whole that supports them. It is important for the business that the user finds the service easy and comfortable to use. Good customer experiences create lasting customer relationships and thus improve a company’s finances. With the help of service design, a solution can be built so that it benefits both the customer company and the end-user of the service.

Service design and sustainable software development

For us in Anders, it’s important that the software we do is sustainable - we don’t want to create unnecessarily written code or duplicate software. It is not always advisable to rebuild working software but to support systems and integrations that can be used to streamline existing operations. The vision must be clear. Understanding the current situation of the customer company, as well as future goals and needs, is very important for sustainable software development. The service design process can be used to build this understanding.

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