DevOps is a digitally sustainable development, that creates a bridge between developers and operations and automates the deployment process. Get your software from source code to live product in no time with the help of Anders DevOps expertise! Choose the fast lane and boost your time to market.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is the practice of developers and operations working together towards a common goal, automating the deployment and development of software. By using Agile methods for software development and automating repeating and tedious steps with DevOps, companies get to focus on what matters, the product, and the customer. Furthermore, it makes for more secure and correctly developed software with the use of automated testing, be us unit testing or acceptance testing. It also lets the developers focus on what they find the most interesting, building the best product possible.

Why DevOps?

Using DevOps practices results in faster time to market, speedy deployments, and give developers more time to develop. By automating each step in the development and operations process, one does achieve not only excellent development speed but also a more robust production environment. Instead of relying on people to do manual work, each step of your processes is run the same way, every time.

DevOps services

Software delivery securely and at blazing speeds with Anders DevOps services.

Automated testing

By removing tedious and error-prone manual testing as much as possible and replacing it with automated tests, you can look forward to having a more stable and consistent application experience. Having tests run on every code update ensures that the code always meets a certain level of quality. Acceptance testing helps with filling the criteria of the task at hand, while end-to-end, integration and unit testing makes sure that your application stays stable even when doing larger refactoring jobs. We can help you set up automated tests, configure your current CI pipelines to run them, and train you regarding how to write the most useful tests.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Having only people know how your infrastructure is built can be a bit scary. What if those people move on to the next job? That could, in many cases, lead to a massive amount of knowledge loss regarding your infrastructure? Infrastructure as code helps with having a centralized truth of how your servers and other services work and are deployed. This is achieved by having your entire infrastructure defined in code, rather than in people's heads. Adding one more server to your infrastructure can be as easy as adding one line of code.

CI/CD Pipelines

Getting your code from a source management system to your production servers should be as easy as possible. And it can be! Using continuous integration and continuous deployments, every step can be automated with custom user interaction and approval steps. Be it building your application, testing it, or creating robust production environments; we can help you out each step of the way.


Once your application is running, the job does not stop there. Having a proper monitoring and logging platform is crucial to know what is going on when things go sideways. Are you getting attacked, or is your site just seeing an influx in visitors? How many emails were sent out yesterday? Are you getting more or fewer visitors than last week? All of these questions can be answered by a combination of proper monitoring, metrics, and logging systems. Let us help set up a robust solution so that you always know what is going on.

Open source tooling

As part of our DevOps toolkit, we have created an open-source CI/CD tool that can be freely used by anyone. With not wanting to paint ourselves into a corner regarding the choice of CI/CD platform, we have created a tool that can be used or extended to work anywhere.

In true open-source fashion, with an MIT license, you can create your very own CI/CD pipeline with our tools.

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