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The B2B online store and order management system enables effective and easy custom planning, designing and ordering of kitchen furniture and fittings.

Hahle is a furnishing and furniture industry supplier of accessories and mountings, as well as an importer and marketer with 50 years of experience.

Hahle's product catalogue includes custom-made kitchen countertops, which are easily available for customers to order.

Hahle chose Anders as their partner to modernize and streamline the ordering channel. We studied the way Hahle does business, both in terms of what happens on the factory floor and how their business model works. Based on this study we developed an efficient and easy to use ordering tool for Hahle's customer.

The developed solution combines smooth ordering process, potential online services and efficiency of production into a single cohesive whole. Anders developed the web based ordering tool for ordering and planning kitchen worktops, HTML5 + JavaScript based drawing software/tool/application, PDF instructions for machining, ERP integration and merchant tool to help the merchant ordering.

Cooperation with Anders Inno has been very fruitful. Thanks to the new system orders are transferred directly from the customer to our production, which makes our order processing more streamlined.

Pekka Tanninen, CEO, Hahle Ltd