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The UWIS underwater information system for divers built by Anders provides absolute and relative 3D geolocation information to the divers underwater as well as the crew above the surface.

The UWIS underwater tracking and information system application built by Anders improves diving safety and efficiency using top-notch technology

The UWIS underwater information system provides absolute and relative 3D positions in real time to the divers under water as well as the crew above the surface. The system improves safety and efficiency when diving in various different kinds of environments and different levels of difficulty. The system is easy to install and use, the benefits are supporting automatic and manual messaging between divers and the crew. The tracking is done by using triangulation with three buoys that gather diver data which they send to the UWIS program for processing. The program provides real time tracking data for both divers and who ever is following the diving. 

UWIS illustration

Anders built the UWIS underwater tracking and information system using the Electron platform. This enabled building a native desktop application using web technologies. The application communicates with the bouy system through wifi using a protocol developed in collaboration with UWIS. It reaches over 800 metres width, 150 metres depth and the system can follow as much as 100 divers simultaneously.

Anders also designed and built the user interface for the application using technologies such as React.js, Leaflet, LESS and webpack.

As a new startup company we started working with Anders now knowing exactly what we were looking to create, what can be done and what the product would be like in the end. We were happy to find out how Anders had the ability to understand the customer’s vision and also see the latent demands for the product.

We were especially impressed with ideas such as delivering the company’s graphic design and UI logics consistently to all systems, including the company website, the navigation system UI and later on the ecommerce site, to create a better user experience. All systems are smoothly integrated and deliver exactly the great experience to our customers we wanted to.

Creating something totally new is sometimes challenging but also rewarding. It has been great working with Anders and it has been a delight to see how our application has evolved throughout the project. It is essential to have developers working on your product, who are truly excited about it and have the skills to deliver something they and the customer can both be proud of.

- Pertti Arvonen, CEO, UWIS Oy

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