Shareit Blox Car

Peer-to-peer car rental service

A pioneering

Web Service

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User interface

Anders has had the pleasure of being strongly involved in building a pioneering new peer-to-peer car rental web service, Shareit Blox Car.

Shareit Blox Car is a new peer-to-peer car rental service that allows car owners to find paying users for their cars when not using them.

For those who don't own a car, Shareit Blox Car provides an easy, flexible and affordable option for car rental for a trip to the summer house or just for a visit to the grocery store. For car owners, Shareit Blox Car is an easy way of making money while their car would otherwise be sitting in the garage. Car owners can decide the rental period easily, starting from just one hour.

The service was launched in early 2016 and has already a lot of satisfied users all over Finland. You can find a lot of cars for rent in all the bigger cities and several in smaller towns as well. The company's plan is to head for international markets in the near future. The vision of Shareit Blox Car is to provide a service based on the sharing economy which means tapping into privately owned resources and maximizing their utilization potential.

Anders has been strongly involved in developing the user interface, backend and integrations of the service. The service has been built on a strong foundation of modern open source technologies.