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The revolutionary browser-based SaaS service aims to replace outdated invoicing solutions and automate billing and debt collection routines. DevOps practices have streamlined Visma Financial Solutions' operations, for example in terms of testing.

Developed since 2009, Anders Manager is a Finnish next generation web-based invoicing software that enables companies to automate their billing and debt collection.

The PPG Manager® billing service automates all of company's billing routines, such as invoice sending, performance monitoring, reminder letters, and collection - all at no extra cost. E-invoices and invoices in English are also easy. This allows you to focus on your business instead of billing. PPG Manager already has over 5,000 users.

The solution works as a browser-based SaaS service. The software’s API enables seamless integration with leading Finnish logistics companies such as Itella and Matkahuolto, as well as Finnish banks and e-invoicing operators.

Anders Innovations is an important strategic partner for us, making us a pioneer in our industry. Now and in the future.

- Petrus Hoikkala, CEO, Visma Financial Solutions ltd

Increasing productivity with DevOps practices

Visma Financial Solutions needed a fresher approach to testing and production relocation for its project. For the agreed projects, we assisted Visma Financial Solutions by writing clear container descriptions that are suitable for both the local use of the developers and directly for the test and production environments.

CI / CD automation was also introduced in the projects, for which Anders has implemented an Open source component. At the same time, Anders built a Kubernetes cluster for Visma Financial Solutions, which can automatically generate test environments from CI / CD for review.

How the business evolved with DevOps?

Visma Financial Solutions was able to significantly speed up and unify testing within the project. With training tailored to them, they also have their own local knowledge of DevOps and the use of related tools increased significantly.

We have been working with Anders for a long time and we have been really pleased. The cooperation has been open from the beginning and the level of expertise of Anders' experts is high. By leveraging the DevOps tools, automations and lessons produced by Anders, we can streamline our own operations.

- Saku Vina, IT Director, Visma Financial Solutions Oy