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A comprehensive document and contract handling tool for construction sector that automates qualification process. FISE’s certification service lets people within the construction business apply for certifications within a specialized field.

Anders developed a portal for the construction sector where employees can apply for qualification certifications.

FISE Oy is an extensive and active service for certification of persons. This entails verifying certifications of persons relating to a building, HVAC and real estate industries and maintaining a certification register and a construction defects bank. FISE’s certification service lets people within the construction business apply for certifications within a specialized field. The certification service consists of FISE, the certification boards, and a secretariat. The secretariat maintains certification boards assigned by FISE’s board of directors and the certification boards are the bodies that verify certifications.

Certifications are valid for a limited amount of time, so each construction worker needs to renew their qualification every 7 year. The service lets the user fill in their personal and professional information in a CV-like format after which they send it to FISE for evaluation. FISE keeps a registry of all the users’ CV information as well as the certifications that they have applied for.

Anders and FISE started their cooperation at the beginning of 2017. We planned a system that could enhance and automate the certification process. We kicked off the project by building a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the system and the first version of the system became available on the 26th of April 2018 at

The project has been interesting and the scope has grown since the starting point. The goal of the system is to provide its users with document and contract management, search feature, personal data recording as well as automated internal processes and automated project management for customers. It is built as a web application using React in the frontend and Django as its backend. For authentication, the service integrates with Signicat for strong bank and mobile authentication. The development work is still ongoing.

We are pleased to have Anders as our partner to the project. The system is customized from the very beginning to meet all our needs and Anders versatile expertise has been crucial to the success. Especially the engagement of the key persons have been very exquisite. After multiple sprints our processes has been refined to be very efficient and we have built a strong and open foundation for our cooperation.   

Marita Mäkinen, CEO, FISE Oy