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We implemented a service map for the City of Turku with detailed information of contacts and services. The service is backed by multiple data sources that provide additional information, such as the accessibility information of the service locations. The Service Map is based on the open source solution of the Helsinki Service Map, which we tailored to the needs of the City of Turku.


The service map is a web based map service that allows the user to search for city services, search for their contact information, see opening hours, and routes to the service point. The new service is also better at taking the user groups into account. Different profiles have been created for different users, for example it includes accessibility information about the service locations, such as if a wheelchair can access the service or not. User profiles take the service accessibility to a whole new level.

Service points are categorized in the service map as follows:

  • Housing and the environment
  • Day care and education
  • Social and Health Services
  • Employment and Business Services
  • Leisure activities

With the renewal of the service it was intended to provide a more user-friendly interface and to comply with the Web Accessibility Directive. The service map is not yet fully accessible but the requirements have been taken into account in the development phase and accessibility is next in line in the development plan.

The service map is based on an open source solution made by the City of Helsinki where Anders was also involved in the development. We tailored the service to meet the needs of the City of Turku and developed the code into a more generic direction. Cities have started to utilize each other's open source solutions, which makes sense, as they often face the same challenges.

Using open source is also cost-effective, which is a positive signal to city taxpayers. In cooperation with the City of Helsinki, the service map is intended to be the most accessible service map in the world.

Collaboration around cities' open source solutions is evolving, which is much easier when the implementer is well aware of the needs of the commissioning city as well as the basics and solutions of the original construction.

- Päivi Saalasto, Project Director, City of Turku

What was done?

The Service Map is based on the open source solution of the Helsinki Service Map, which we tailor to the needs of the City of Turku. We developed the codebase into a more generic direction. The web service backend is written using Python and Django and the interface uses JavaScript and CoffeeScript programming languages. The map feature itself was built using PostGIS technology.

The service map integrates with the City of Turku's own information sources. The service information comes from the service directory, route information is provided via the Digitransit interface and accessibility information via the web service, which is an accessibility application built by the City of Helsinki.

Implementing the Turku service map based on the City of Helsinki solution was easier, when the implementing supplier had an understanding of the City of Helsinki policies and contacts to the key personnel.

Sanna Moisala, Project Specialist, City of Turku