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The web service launched in 2014 and offers B2C easy to use e-commerce sites for nearly a hundred pharmacies around Finland.

The Association of Finnish pharmacies (AFP) is a professional organization of proprietary pharmacists.

AFP supports and promotes high standards of ethical and professional competence in pharmacy services within the broader health sector. It also offers professional services, and provides training and communication services to its member pharmacies.

In November 2012 AFP and Anders launched the new eCommerce platform for Finnish Pharmacies. Today more than 100 Pharmacies have decided to join the shared service platform with more to follow.

In spring 2012 AFP decided to enable their members to transform effectively from traditional stores into highly advanced digital pharmacies. To make this all possible, they needed a reliable partner and a platform to lead and run the concept design and development. Anders was selected.

Anders is a cost-effective partner that has been able to concept, to design and to implement a platform that enables the realization of our digital strategy. Healthcare services require understanding of critical information, credibility and solid and stable service environments. We are very proud of the new services that have now been launched to all the Finnish Pharmacies in good co-operation with Anders’ professionals.

Iiro Salonen, M.Sc. (Pharm.), online pharmacies