Sustainable Software Development

We maximize our customers’ business value and minimize ”waste” in software development. We do this by transforming, re-using, integrating and innovating together with our customers. We do Sustainable Digital Solutions and Software Development, which serve our customers longterm.

No more digital waste!

Sustainable software development is about planning, avoiding unnecessary work and building long-lasting solutions. It does not mean throwing away all the legacy systems, but looking closely at the current state and what it consists of. Digital sustainability is about maintaining functioning systems and operating models and to boost them with more supportive systems and integrations.

Customers require their suppliers and partners to commit to the principles of sustainable development, and rightly so. Why not apply the principles of sustainable development to digitalization? We want to do our bit in software development. Digital Sustainability in software development means less redundant code, more reusability, and more accurate business solutions.

We do sustainable software development by combining business consept understanding, digital vision, lean and agile development. Agile development without a vision is not effective. 

How to avoid digital waste? By adequately mapping the current state of the business and clarifying goals. That is why we always start by analysing your current state and creating a digital vision. The digital vision needs to be shared, understood and be in line with the organization’s capabilities and goals. We use the tech that suits your needs, keeps your development expenses reasonable and solutions sustainable. This is how build sustainable software solutions.

Sustainable software development

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