Operating model

Our operating methods are modern, sustainable and high quality. We always priority the customer's needs when we start to create a suitable operating model. We offer both project management services and outsourced expert service and provide continuous services to support our clients’ business stability. Through automated processes, our work is high quality and we can focus on value-creating work tasks.

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This is how we work

Our operating method capabilities varies from project execution to consultants and external experts. Our operating model relies on DevOps practices and we are able to take care of your ICT infrastructure as a whole.

Project Management

When it comes to project realization, we strongly recommend the agile development models. However, it is always good to remember that all projects are unique and each realization resembles the cooperation between the client and the provider. Nowadays, software development prefers agile methods, because thanks to the development periods, the orderer receives concrete yield fast and certain functions can be adjusted when necessary as the project advances.

In an agile application project, the orderer has an important role throughout the project’s entire lifecycle. In agile project implementation, the orderer’s side appoints for the application being developed a product owner whose responsibility it is to prioritize the functionalities of the product ordered and to test the deliveries’ improvements in the application environment. The communication is an essential part of the success of a project.

Project expert or team for hire

An external expert is a profitable investment if, for example, project management expertise is lacking or the need for a technical expert is short-term. An outside expert can question as well as encourage the team to finish the project with as few unpleasant surprises as possible. Sometimes you just need extra hands to help you finish your project on schedule.

When hiring a workforce for the project execution, the project ownership remains with the customer. If the ability to lead a project is exhausted, it is possible to hire an outsourced project leader, ie a Scrum master or project manager. The project leaders take care of the completion of the project. Our expert project professionals follow modern agile operating models.


DevOps is a digitally sustainable development, that creates a bridge between developers and operations and automates the deployment process. DevOps is a model that has the benefits of making operations more efficient. The operation model accelerates the deployment, automates quality assurance, and thus improves project performance. Improved production efficiency is directly reflected in project cost savings and maintenance reliability.

We provide consulting and give trainings, cloud computing design and migration, as well as continuous development and maintenance. According to the customer's wishes, we also implement hybrid models when necessary for the customer's business. Read more about DevOps and our solutions.


Continuous services

We provide quality continuous services to support our customers ’business continuity, such as: secure cloud capacity and server maintenance, application maintenance, support services even around the clock. Let us give you easy and carefree maintenance, where we take care of your ICT infrastructure.

Taking care of your application and services is that we are responsible for the maintenance and usability of your systems. Whatever surprise bugs hit your system, we have experts on call for bug reports and to fix your system. In addition, we are responsible for the necessary system upgrades to ensure that your online service meets the level of business requirements. We also offer user support as well as 24-hour support.

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