Started at Anders over eight years ago. Along the way a lot has happened – the number of colleagues has grown five times bigger from the beginning, several unforgettable parties, innovations and projects from game development to web shops.

How did you end up to Anders?

The company where I worked at the beginning of my career sold the IT department and I was the only developer who got to continue in that company who bought us. Janne, who was already my colleague back then and still is, knew people from Anders and he got hired here. During the following year I got tired of sitting alone in the office and after conversations with Janne and Anders, I got a chance to come work here. At that point decision was easy to be made and long story short, I’m still here.

What has been your favourite project in the past years?

I can’t say one particular which would be the most favourite , but here are couple fun projects that comes to my mind:

When I started here, we also had game development projects and my first week’s task was to do the menus for a game. Other interesting projects during the years includes the Turku University of Applied Sciences, Helsingin Seudun Kauppakamari and FISE projects.

How has Anders changed over the past years?

When looking this eight year period, many things have naturally changed and evolved. The biggest change is the number of colleagues. When I started, the number of employees was less than ten and now the number is closer to fifty. Internal processes have also evolved during the years, getting better and better.

What has made you to stay at Anders for this long?

The best colleagues, of course. Other factors; at here you can and you must be yourself, ability to influence on your own work, organisation hierarchy is flat and you can do different projects if you want to.

As a senior developer, how do you develop your skills even better?

Doing varied projects at work and at home. At work it comes quite naturally by doing projects, reading and following news from our industry. At home I’m focusing more on spending free time, but sometimes I’m coding different projects there too. Currently,  I have one project to be finalized: a file management system for a guitar pedal.

How do you spend your free time?

I play guitar and bass, paint and sometimes I just draw. I also do sports quite frequently, usually it’s table tennis, badminton or floorball during the winter and beach volley or jogging in the summertime. Other things that I like to do are: trying new recipes, filling crossword puzzles and reading books.

What is the best in Anders?

Commonity, colleagues, and laid back atmosphere!

What is your tip for beginner developers?

Show interest in learning, do a variety of hobby projects. You learn a lot at work, but in the beginning, you should try new things at home.

Ben Parker, a character created by recently passed away Stan Lee, said this one immortal sentence to the spider man: “Great power comes with great responsibility”. I doubt that Jere is shooting webs on buildings during his free time (even though there’s slight doubt for it), but he’s really responsible employee.

Even in the challenging situations his knowledge, experience and calmness helps us to communicate clearly with our customers and achieve the wanted results. We, Andersians, are lucky to have Jere to share his years of experience with us.

– Teemu Selkälä, Technical Project Manager


– Nani Laaksonen, Employer Branding Coordinator

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