We do not provide skills in a development language; we provide a solution to the customer problems. It doesn’t matter what language that we write in. We shape our services based on the customers’ goals (and expectations) instead of technological restrictions. Our CTO Frank Wickström wrote a blog on how we seek solutions to our customers.

We at Anders are proud of the solutions that we create and the skill of or employees. For the longest time, we have been one of the greatest places to work and receiving praise from our customers is a very weekly thing. All of this has roots in being able to serve our customers in the best way possible! By understanding their needs and by using the most skillful coders around, we can solve even the trickiest of problems.

When it comes to new things, we do not shy away from them; instead, we approach them as a challenge that we will overcome. We at Anders believe that it is not the technology that you use, but the solution you can supply that matters. For some time, we invested heavily in a single technology, but we have since noticed that to be able to reach everyone and let everyone get the best service out there, we had to expand.

Frank enjoying his work!

That is why we today have come to a place where we are able to serve customers of all needs, be it health care, construction, financial, housing, military, or any other sector. We can do this by being able not to lock ourselves into technology but instead focus on creating the best possible solution, no matter the technology restrictions of our customers. We also help our customers with things around the projects, such as hosting, DevOps, search implementation through certified Elasticsearch engineers, workshops, and project specifications.

Is your mainframe written in Java, your APIs in Python, your new frontend in TypeScript, and your third-party integrations in .NET? We got you covered. No matter the technology restrictions that you have, we will find a way to bring you a solution. In addition, one of our strengths are that we’re more flexible than a larger IT company and we always keep our clients on top of their projects. We have not yet, and will not in the future, shy away from a challenge.

So, bring us your worst, and we will make it your best! We have a can-do attitude and we’ll always find a solution!

Written by:

Frank Wickström
Chief Technology Officer
Anders Innovations

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