A warm welcome and intro to new members of the Anders Team

A warm welcome and intro to new members of the Anders Team

Sept. 2, 2015 Anders Innovations

The Anders team is growing with pace and we are happy to introduce five new members. You now have the chance to get to know more about them as they tell a little bit about their background, expertize and new job here at Anders.

Ville Vartiainen, Business Development Lead (Sales)

I started at Anders as Business Development Lead in August. My responsibility is first and foremost acquisition of new customers. I am a positive and entrepreneurial spirited person and I will try to offer my best contribution to the entire sales and marketing team. I have a reason to believe, that I am able to provide innovative and analytical solutions for operations, which improve value for customers and contribute to the company’s competitiveness.

My skills are complemented by a practical sales and customer engagement experience of various wholesale and retail sales - and marketing positions. I have strong, hands-on e-commerce experience. I have worked in recent years as a head of the multi-channel concept. During that time, my team produced many innovative solutions. As a proof of this, the company was awarded; The Best Web Shop in Finland, Retail Awards 2010.

In the past couple of years, I have solved the strategic issues at Henley Business School MBA program and international business consultancy projects. I could sum up my key learnings in a deep understanding of the practical challenges of the strategy implementation process. In addition, I have covering know-how on how to neutralize the strategy implementation challenges. During my leisure time, I currently work on my MBA Thesis.

I believe, that Anders’ pragmatic and entrepreneurial spirited values throw a positively light on ways of doing business. Currently, many organizations are experiencing conditions of scarcity, however, there are practical steps by which a strategy’s limiting factors can be neutralized. Anders’ agile online business solutions could be one key.

Juha Reini, Business Development Lead (Sales)

Once in a while you hear people saying how lucky someone is to get a job from their childhood hobbies or interests. Well, football took me for a long journey from hobby to a professional player and to managing players and clubs. But now it’s time for my other interest: software.

Unfortunately, I cannot code anything. Even though software and tech as a line of business has always been an interest of mine, I dare to call myself a tech freak.

My work here at Anders as a Business Development Lead contains obviously sales, but also the evaluation of e-commerce in different areas of businesses and customer care. This opportunity has brought me into the world of tech. The products, the service and the employees of Anders Innovations seem to be a class apart, so this is going to be great!

Timo, Technical Project Manager

I started my work at Anders as Technical Project Manager in the beginning of August. My focus is evenly distributed between project management, collaborating with clients and team management. I will also be putting some effort to streamlining and polishing our processes. The most important tools I'll be using - in addition to our project management software - are agile software development methods.

I have about 15 years of experience in IT-business. My first IT-position was Systems Analyst at Affecto and several years later, after management buyout, I moved to Festum Software and became a partner. I held various positions at Festum for about eight years, and at the end of year 2011, I defected to Hakosalo Software to work as a technical director and HR-manager. After three years it was time for new challenges and inspiration, so I moved to Anders Innovations.

The most interesting thing for me about Anders was their choice of technical platform they use in development, and the fact that despite a turbulent economic situation in Finland, they manage to grow profitably. If one manages to prosper in highly competitive market, one must be focusing on the right details.

My belief is that in the software industry, the best result is achieved when you focus on your own core business and buy other services from those who are doing the same thing with theirs. That is how profitable and durable collaborative networks are formed, where traditional customer-client -relationships are transferred to mutual partnerships.

Christian Champagne, Graphic Designer

I started working at Anders as Graphic Designer at that end of August. It was their fantastic recruitment ad that caught my attention. My call of duty will be visual and UI design for our clients as well as supporting in-house demands when needed.

With over 14 years clocked up as an art director and user interface designer, I offer a lot of experience and knowledge in the digital domain. I keep up to date with all that’s fresh and new and hate to deliver any work that is anything less than perfect to my eye and original in design.

While I’m based here in Helsinki and fluent in both Finnish and English, I’m at home anywhere I have my Mac and a Wi-Fi connection.

As it goes, I get my best ideas when I’m travelling because design has no country. As ever, my guiding lights will always be user friendliness, simplicity and functionality to make their ideas, products and services shine brighter.

As a rapidly growing company I want to play a part in shaping Anders into a success. Having only been here a week, there’s still plenty to take in, but so far, so good. Strong are the good vibrations at Anders! The Helsinki office is pretty cool too!

Looking forward to the challenges to come. Onwards and upwards!

Mia Leskinen, Graphic Designer (Trainee)

I began with Anders at the end of August as a graphic design trainee. My main focus areas will be with various graphic design tasks and front-end programming. My goal being to better myself within these areas whilst I’m in training to become the ultimate design warrioress.

Currently I am a student at Finland’s Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in my third year. I’m studying media engineering and specializing in digital media. I am especially interested in front-end programming as well as producing various forms of digital content i.e.: graphics, videos etc.

By the end of my studies I’d be stoked to be working with web page and mobile software development, as well as hybrid media. Combining my strong graphical skills with my mad programming skills, I aim to create innovative, creative and functional design applications.

The comfortable working environment at Anders, paired with awesome co-workers makes this a wonderful opportunity to blossom and grow as a designer.

Anders wishes all new team members a warm welcome!