There are great developers, enthusiastic students and good companies in Turku. However, the three of them don’t meet as efficiently as we’d hope.

What is this about?

So we started a meetup group for frontend enthusiasts in December and have now hosted our first two events. We want to bring people closer together and to create a community where people can meet face to face and build meaningful relationships maybe one day leading to employment or starting new ventures.

In February we organized our Turku <3 Frontend meetup at Anders’ office. Our format consists of two speakers – this time about web components – and networking followed by discussions over some drinks in a nearby bar. Building dynamic web components is the hot topic in web development right now. To learn more about the topic, we invited Sami Suo-Heikki to give a presentation about Polymer and Jouni Koivuviita to share his insights about Vaadin Elements that are built on top of Polymer.

For a company, meetups are great way to embrace the culture of learning and sharing. Encouraging your employees to attend in meetups and talking with people not only boosts their satisfaction and learning but is also great PR for the company when doing recruiting. Hosting an event at your office is even better: it brings learn-hungry top developers of the area to your office and you get a chance to talk to them and sell your company culture in a natural environment.

We have learned that meetups and hackathons are in the very DNA of the developer culture. We developers love to learn from each other, share our knowledge and hang out with fellow-minded people. A company that is actively involved in the community has an upper hand when developers are looking for new adventures.

On behalf of Turku <3 Frontend, we want to thank Anders for the opportunity to have a session at your office and Sami and Jouni for their amazing talks. You can find Sami’s presentation in Slideshare. If you got interested in joining the community, we are on FacebookTwitter and on Meetabit.

Juha-Matti Santala
Founder, Turku <3 Frontend

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