Time for a new style of cooperation – Anders participating even more into student life

Time for a new style of cooperation – Anders participating even more into student life

May 2, 2019 Nani Laaksonen People & Culture

2019 has had a flying start. As the summer approaches Anders has been participating in many great student events and we’ve enjoyed our cooperation with the students greatly. New year, new Anders, At least in some parts. For us the spring has been busy and eventful. Anders has been participating in student collaboration more and more as we want to support the future IT experts. We’ve offered trainings and events to help students learn practical work skills and networking.

The ICT Terrarium

Anders opened doors to the ICT-city remote office in November 2018. The Idea is to be available and approachable to students to get to ask IT professionals and learn about working in IT. The Office is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and on Thursdays from 11 AM to 1 PM. A Developer is there to answer any difficult questions students might have. You can come for example to ask for help on your coding homework!

Cooperation with TIO and Digit Ry

Anders has signed a partnership with TIO and Digit Ry, and we’ve been participating in multiple events. For example On April 17th, Anders took part in the TIO’s Pedal Car Grand Prix. The sun was shining, and our Team was sharing sunglasses and some soft drinks to the students. On March 24th, we organized a Python workshop for TIO students. The students learned a lot and the workshop received great feedback And there are plenty of events being organized in the future, for example in May, University students are coming to visit the Anders head office and they get to test our employee's Jaakko’s hobby project: a Gin & Tonic machine.

As summer holidays are right behind the corner, we are wishing a relaxing summer for all students!

If you are interested in workshops, events or company visits please contact: