Slush proved Shoop’s potential

Slush proved Shoop’s potential

Dec. 3, 2014 Anders Innovations

Few weeks ago it was hard to avoid the ubiquitous media coverage on Slush 2014. Hype or not – Slush brought a very unique atmosphere to Helsinki.

The air shimmered with energy, positive attitude and new ideas, as the most promising young Eurasian companies met top-tier international investors.

A large crowd of Slush attendees gathered to Anders demo booth to hear the latest news on the future of e-commerce.

We were happy to tell them that after three years of development, we would release our Shoop e-commerce platform under an open source license during 2015.


Shoop embodies experience

We have developed e-commerce solutions for the past six years, and during the last three years we have used the Shoop platform. Consequently, Shoop has been already utilized in dozens of large or medium-sized e-commerce projects.

We aim for internationally significant market share in the open source e-commerce market. Compared to the hugely popular Magento solution, Shoop is both more efficient and easier to develop.

“Graphic designers are able, for example, to independently create layouts for Shoop but not for Magento. This frees up time for developers to work on the backend and accelerates the process”, says Shoop Product Manager Miikka Lammela.

Shoop’s development was started from scratch, but Anders developers had had the experience of putting together earlier e-commerce platform. People were keen to avoid earlier mistakes and each step of the way was considered carefully.

"Shoop’s most significant competitive advantages are the selected tools and architecture. They enable better customizability and strong security for the platform”, says Anders Senior Advisor Eero Laaksonen.


Platform for B2B e-commerce requirements

According to Lammela Shoop’s hardware requirements are modest. This reduces maintenance costs and allows good scalability for new e-commerce instances.

“When developing Shoop we have placed particular focus on the requirements of modern B2B e-commerce”, he says.

Slush at the very latest made it abundantly clear that there is a great demand for a module-based, carefully designed and effective B2B platform. Shoop proved to be attractive to online merchants as well as partners and developers.

“At Slush we were primarily seeking partners to test the platform, and found a good number of them”, tells Lammela.


New energy for product development

Lammela’s team headed straight from Slush to work on Shoop. When all the dusty corners of the software are polished, the source code can be openly published during next year.

“The positive feedback we received at Slush strengthened our good vibes about the product development. We look forward to hear what other people think of Shoop when it is released”, Lammela says.