Slush 2014 – Anders to introduce open source e-commerce product

Slush 2014 – Anders to introduce open source e-commerce product

Nov. 17, 2014 Anders Innovations

Slush will gather the most promising technology companies, best tech talent and top-tier international investors to Helsinki, Finland.

During Slush Anders Innovations will introduce a new e-commerce platform for the international audience. On Wednesday, November 19, we will tell more about the release of our next generation e-commerce system Shoop under an open source license.

This is apparently the first time when a Finnish e-commerce vendor with a significant market share releases their proprietary in-house product as open source software.

The aim of the release is to provide strong competitor with a Finnish-background for Magento that has dominated the markets for some years. We will challenge Magento’s position as the world’s most popular open source e-commerce system.

On the Shoop demo booth you can discuss with the Anders CEO and Product Manager about the future and internalization of Shoop. Anders e-commerce expert will also be present.

As a Finland’s leading Python-focused software house we are also happy to meet new Python coders who are interested in online business opportunities and discuss our job offering. You are welcome to come and discuss with us and hear the news of the future of e-commerce!