Presenting Jaakko Partanen, our multitalented handyman

Presenting Jaakko Partanen, our multitalented handyman

Nov. 14, 2018 Riku Voipio People & Culture

Meet Jaakko Partanen, a former trainee, current assistant project manager. Jaakko is great and a very helpful guy. He calls himself Anders' personal handyman. Read Jaakko's story! 

Jaakko Partanen, AndersWho are you?

I’m Jaakko Partanen, 23 year-old student from Turku

What do you study? 

I’m studying at Turku University of Applied Sciences in an international programme to become an IT-engineer. I’m specializing in embedded systems.

When did you start at Anders and what did you come to do? 

I started at Anders in May 2018 as a part of my work placement traineeship for school.
I was especially interested to learn a lot about project management and all the things in IT companies that happen around the coding such as marketing, sales and invoicing and everything else you can imagine.

After the internship, Jaakko continued as a summer trainee and at the moment assisting in project management and coordinates public sector projects.

I continued as a project management trainee after my work placement ended in the summer and after the summer I continued part time alongside my school as an assistant project manager. I’m currently helping with coordination of our public sector projects and offers as well as invoicing and some other things that need to be done.

The most fun task I've had when I was helping with was to find good bars for an afterparty in Gdansk where Anders had its ten year anniversary party. I’d say the party planning comittee of Anders (where I was guest starring) did a good job on that. :)

Jaakko Partanen at Gdansk
Jaakko enjoying dinner at Gdansk. Pizza is life.<3

How did you end up at Anders? 

I knew a person working for the company and through him I got an email address. I sent my open application to Teemu, teamleader of Turku, where I explained what I knew, and what I wanted to learn and a little bit about myself. Teemu got excited, since this was a first position of this kind. 

What was your first impression of Anders?

My first impression of Anders was great. The Friday breakfast was the first time I really felt like the whole company had a really great attitude towards working and were friends and not only co-workers.

What working life skills have you gained?

I’ve learned a lot about the IT field by seeing the professionals of anders work. Not only have I learned about invoicing and project coordination, I have also learned a lot about business to business communications, marketing and even sales.

We warmly welcome Jaakko to the Anders family!

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Riku Voipio
Director, HR & Business Development