3D product images optimize the e-commerce shopping experience by bringing the product as close to the customer as virtually possible. This new technology allows you to get competitive advantages to your e-commerce store easily and cost-effectively.

For a long time there’s been a trend for providing ever more high-quality product images and videos in e-commerce and digital marketing. Visual element has been emphasized to compensate the one significant weakness of e-commerce – the fact that it does not give customers to touch the products with their hands.

The usage of high-quality product images, however, can be problematic, especially for SMEs. The e-commerce store personnel does not necessarily have the needed expertise or equipment for taking best possible pictures, but outsourcing photography can also be expensive and laborious.

3D product images for digital marketing

Thanks to the new 3D technology, digital presentation of products is taking a step forward. Rotatable 3D images allow the customer to move image 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, and zoom it. These images can be used in many places: on product pages, online ads, product catalogues, social media content, information displays, etc.

The 3D technology empowers the consumer because it takes them one step closer to actually touching the product. The rotatable images can provide answers to practical questions, such as, figuring out the number of USB ports on a device, or checking what the product looks like from a different angle.

Cost-effective Finnish 3D photographing device

3D images can be created with a device developed by the Finnish company PixMoor. The 3D product photographing device allows merchants to take the pictures quickly and cost-effectively right in their own premises. The device is easy to use and the photo material does not have to be edited afterwards.

The PixMoor device, as wells as dozens of other products related to 3D technology, can be found from the 3Dtech Ltd.’s online store. The store is built by Anders Inno.

Because 3D product images increase customer satisfaction, it’s not surprising that they have also been found to increase e-commerce sales. As the technology is not yet available in many online stores, merchants focusing on optimizing shopping experience can use it to gain significant – and even international – competitive advantages.

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