The Anders family has grown by several new members during the past few months. In the third part of our blog series we want to introduce Mingeng Yu, who started as a Developer at Anders in early 2017. Here’s how Mingfeng describes himself and his experiences of working at the company.

I started my work at Anders at the end of January as a software developer. My responsibilities focus on software development in various web development projects using mainly Python and Django framework. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I enjoyed and learned a lot during my first few months here at Anders.

I wrote my first line of code when I was in high school and I was immediately fascinated with programming. It gives me great satisfaction when I solve some complex mathematic problems with the code. After entering the university, I become more passionate about programming as I realized that there is so much more I can do with it. I participated in several research projects and contributed both my software development expertise and geospatial knowledge to the projects.

I think I’m the lucky one that got the opportunity to come to Finland and study in Aalto University and also had jobs that I’m really interested in. Before joining Anders, I worked as a software developer at Keypro for almost five years, where I was developing web based GIS systems for the public sector and some of the largest telecommunication companies both inside and outside Finland.

As a software developer, I have always been interested in learning and trying out new things, and Anders provides a good opportunity for that. There are different kinds of interesting projects to work on, as well as awesome co-workers to learn from. I strongly believe that I can enjoy a success at Anders and also bring success to the company.

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