During the past few months, our team has grown by several fantastic new members. In our article series you have a chance to get to know our new talented employees and hear about their first experiences as Andersians. First up is our new Senior Developer Mikko Keskinen. Here’s what Mikko told us after his first few weeks at Anders:

I started my work as Senior Developer at Anders’ Helsinki office in April. It didn’t take long to get my feet wet with my first actual project as on my first day I was assigned to a new customer case. On my second day I was already sitting in a kick-off meeting at the customers’ premises. It’s really nice to notice how a new employee like myself is trusted from the very beginning and given responsibility.

About a year ago I moved from Turku to Helsinki to look for new opportunities and challenges. To get familiar with my new hometown, I’ve visited a lot of different events, concerts and restaurants and luckily there hasn’t been shortage of any of those here in the capital. I have also been enjoying the new surroundings by jogging in Munkkiniemi and Seurasaari.

At Anders I’m going to be working as a designer and programmer in various customer projects. For most of my career I’ve been working as a content management system coder and as Product Manager. The experience gained in several different customer projects will surely be an asset for me in my work at Anders.

For the past four years I’ve been working with startup companies – being a co-founder at one and working for two others. The hectic pace of the startup world and my experience in various roles of these companies has taught me a lot of things that will undoubtedly help me also at my new position at Anders.

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