During the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of inviting several fantastic new members to the Anders family. In the second part of our series we would like to introduce Frank Wickström, the new Full Stack Developer at Anders. Here’s what Frank had to tell about himself and his first experiences as an Anders developer.

I started working at Anders in January as a full stack developer. I’ve been working with everything from React in the frontend to writing a full fledge REST APIs. I’m also done my best to preach the things I’ve learned from my past jobs that could help speed up the work at Anders.

I’ve got around five years of professional programming experience behind me and a whole lot more if studies and hobbies are counted in. My focus has been on web development and recently on building single page applications (SPA) with RESTful backends.

I also have a big interest for IoT as well as other small integrated hardware. On my spare time I enjoy PC gaming, badminton, cycling, traveling and food.

So far, the most interesting part of working at Anders has been the wide variety of tasks that I’ve been able to try. The people here has been great and has been helpful with getting me going, I’m really impressed with the working climate at the office and how well everyone gets along. Overall Anders way of doing programming is something that I really enjoy and will hope to keep doing for a long time.

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