Market pioneer Treet brings the pharmacy to mobile

Market pioneer Treet brings the pharmacy to mobile

July 9, 2020 Anders Innovations News

Launched in summer 2020, ApoDigi Oy's Treet mobile application is the world's most advanced and versatile digital system for the pharmacy industry. Anders has been involved as a lead partner in developing the Treet mobile app since the beginning and congratulates Apodigi on a great release!

Treet's starting point is the customer's medication, safety and connection with the user's own nearby pharmacy through the mobile application. With the application, customers can manage their own personal drug lists and access several services provided by the pharmacy in digital form.

Communication is also made easier, as it is possible to communicate with your own pharmacy via Treet, either via chat or call requests. Medicines ordered through the application can be either picked up from a pharmacy or ordered by home delivery.

In particular, the past spring has shown that the world can change rapidly, and the importance of digital services has grown. “The coronavirus has brought unprecedented challenges to our daily lives in many areas and we feel that the launch of the application is in line with consumer expectations and the changing world,” says Treet’s founder and CEO, Pharmacist Simo Vidgren.

Anders has been involved in building a highly secure application from the scratch, and the application development has focused on e.g. strong identification. In addition, the application is backed by a seamlessly integrated Anders ePharmacy web platform, where the sale of medicines itself takes place. Silo AI, the largest private AI lab in the Nordics, has also been involved in the development, and the company has been responsible for the artificial intelligence and machine learning modules of the application.

Working with Anders Innovation has been really great. They have had an extensive expertise and previous work in the pharmacy industry has helped in every aspect of the system’s development.

Simo Vidgren, the Founder and CEO of Treet

"The completely unique and advanced Treet mobile application for the pharmacy industry will make the everyday life of Finns easier and we hope that the innovation will also expand globally. We are proud to be a part of Treet's success story”, says Mikko Kivistö, Anders Finland Country Manager.


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