Mother’s Day is less than four weeks away. Ecommerce merchants now have an excellent opportunity to better serve their customers by taking the right action. So, here are tips for Mother’s Day ecommerce!

Gifts are searched and bought online

The original meaning of Mother’s Day is to show mothers how important they are to all of us, and – at least here in Finland – also honour motherhood at a societal level. These days all members of the same family rarely live in the same place. People are scattered all over the country and all over the world – and they still want to show their mother that they care.

Here the advantages of online shopping are once again felt. Ecommerce makes distance meaningless. Products and services can be ordered effortlessly from anywhere around the world and delivered to mother’s door.

It is not surprising, then, that Mother’s Day is one of the largest annual sales seasons for ecommerce. For example, in the UK, people used combined one million hours for browsing products and services for Mother’s Day last year.

In the United States Mother’s Day is the second biggest online sales season after Christmas.

Clever ecommerce merchant knows the seasons

It makes sense for ecommerce merchants to stay tuned on different holidays for one simple reason – people tend to be more susceptible to make purchase prior to these occasions.

According to statistics people who shop something for Mother’s Day browse online stores quickly and jump restlessly from one virtual store to the next. So, the best thing online merchant can do for Mother’s Day is to create an impressive page where the specific promotions and products are clearly spelled out.

The second observation is that the e-mail marketing is especially effective around special days. Messages that mention public holidays in their title are opened more likely than normal ads. Hence it makes sense to utilize email marketing on Mother’s Day and also during other holidays.

Mothers want a leisure time, and bit of luxury

What kind of gifts would mothers like to receive?

In Finland traditional Mother’s Day gifts include cards, roses, gifts and breakfast in bed served by the kids. Florists in particular look forward for the second Sunday of May.

When asked most mothers will probably say that they would like their loved-ones to remember them by offering them some relaxing leisure time, and a maybe a bit of luxury and freedom from the daily chores. No wonder service-based gift cards are more and more popular gifts for mothers.

Service-based gift cards can bring touch of luxury and relaxation for the busy life. Good examples include massages, visits to the hairdresser, and other beauty services. And why not enrich mother’s life with cultural experiences or with a dinner in a fancy restaurant in good company.

Focusing on service-based gift cards is a sure way to go from a web shop, but not all have these kinds of things to offer. For others merchants the challenge is to think how their online store offering could be made part of the mother’s wishes for a relaxing experience with a little bit of luxury.

Help customers make buying decision

Mother’s Day sales can be increased with a few simple yet tried and tested ways. Impressive theme banner makes it clear from the outset that the web shop is a potential place for Mother’s Day shopping. The same message should be send to customers through email marketing.

Customers love to have gift ideas clearly separated from the rest of the content and displayed in a way that makes browsing them easy. So create a specific category for these offers and ideas. Enhance conversion by offering free delivery and gift packaging.

Final that can be created by offering the option to include personal messages with the gift. In other words, your customers want show their mothers how much they care. You need to provide the means and ideas for them to choose from.

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