Halloween (aka. Innoween) theme brightens up darkening autumn days at the office.

The modern Finnish autumn is woefully void of fun celebrations. So, what could better jazz up the mood of darkening autumn days than a healthy dose of morbid horror? Even though our Anders autumn is already full of celebrations, we did cheer up our Friday in the turn of October and November with a thrilling Halloween theme.

Last Friday one saw frightening figures passing through the corridors at our office and heard the distant, desperate howling coming from the Anders staff (oh, wait, don’t we hear that every day?). The office was decorated to match the chilling theme. The highlight of the day was a Halloween lunch we had together in the city center, in Turku and in Hellsinki. Good times continued in our after-work, where some say the mood was even more horriefied.

We firmly believe that having sometimes a little fun during working hours is a good thing – as long as it does not affect the quality of our work, of course. According to our experience, dedicating a moment every now and then for just pure fun during work, and especially after work, is good for employee motivation. For us, this is a good way to start preparing for the work to be done during the last two months of the year!

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