On December 2 we arranged a slightly different customer event for clients and business partners – this time people were asked to bring their kids. We all went to Kinopalatsi in Helsinki to watch a film.

The idea behind the event was that we felt that we could add a little variety to our meetings with customers. Soon someone asked the obvious question: why don’t we bring our families with us?

At Anders, we believe strongly in the harmonious coordination of work and family life and take pride in our strong customer focus. It is nice to do things with our client community and partners so that parents do not need to be away from their children.

For the kids the event at Kinopalatsi was particularly exciting and long-awaited. The movie was not too scary and kids enjoyed the tasty snacks offered (well, adults also seemed to enjoy the snacks).

The new kind of customer event went very well, and our aim is to organize similar events in the future. We want to make this a true Anders Inno tradition. In the future, the events could also be held in other cities and not only in the Helsinki area.

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