The international and prestigious Great Place to Work institute just revealed the results of their annual listing for best workplaces in Finland. Anders Innovations is featured in the listing for a second consecutive year. This time Anders climbed up to fourth place!

“Being listed as one of the top workplaces in Finland is a strong, scientifically proven indication of the success of your corporate culture and the excellence of your company as a workplace.”

– Great Place to Work

In the 2016 Great Place to Work study, Anders achieved the fourth position in their own size category. This is a remarkable step up from last year’s ninth place.

The CEO of Anders, Tomi Alapaattikoski: “We at Anders are truly grateful and proud of this valuable recognition for one of our biggest competitive advantages; happy employees and an excellent working atmosphere.”

Riku Voipio, Director responsible for HR at Anders, knows the value of the Great Place to Work listing as an external competitive advantage, but also as an added boost to the company’s working atmosphere: “The Great Place to Work study is well known around the world and success in the study is highly sought-after. Being ranked as one of the top workplaces is a tribute to our strong and unique corporate culture and makes it better known to the public. Our success in last year’s study has supported our rapid growth helping us in recruiting some of the best talents in the industry and achieving fantastic results. Renewing our place in this year’s listing proves that we have been doing a great job in developing our company in the right direction while maintaining steady profitable growth.”


Last year, Great Place to Work Finland studied a record 156 organizations employing a total of 48,500 employees. The 50 best organizations made it on to the Best Workplaces in Finland 2016 list, which was revealed on Friday, February 12th.

Great Place to Work has been annually compiling the listing for best Finnish workplaces for 14 years. The same expert study is conducted in more than 50 countries around the world.

The Best Workplaces in Finland study is based on more than 30 years of research about the most important elements of a good workplace. The Trust Index employee survey accounts for two thirds, and the Culture Audit survey, clarifying used leadership practices, accounts for one third of the final results of the study in each company.

The study is based on the Great Place to Work institute’s definition of a good workplace: A good workplace is one where employees trust the company’s management, they are proud of what they do and they enjoy working with their colleagues.


Since being listed last year Anders has grown immensely and gained some amazing talent. Throughout this, its culture has remained strong and employee trust has not waivered. Anders will always strive for workplace excellence so that employees remain smiling. Happy offices make work fun and this in turn attracts more happy employees.

Anders is also up for the European Business Awards. You can check out our awesome entry video here >

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