Anders Inno has long been one of Finland’s leading companies in Django-based solutions. At the end of 2012 Anders Inno’s Django expertise was further strengthened with the acquisition of Tiny Villain Creative – a Finnish start-up company specialized in Django technology.

Small but fiercely innovative, Tiny Villain Creative was founded in 2010 by Valtteri Karesto and Henri Pajala, two aspiring young entrepreneurs living in Turku. Valtteri was in a business school and Henri studied information technology, yet they both shared a dream to make a living by creating websites and layouts for companies.

After the founding of the company, roles were clearly defined. Valtteri focused on graphics and layouts. Henri was the Django tech guy.

”At the beginning we did dabble around with PHP systems, but Django was quickly selected as the permanent solution”, Henri recalls. “It was clearly the most sensible solution technology-wise, and Django-based sites quickly became our flagship product”.

Part of the Python community

Django is developed with the Python programming language. Consequently, Valtteri and Henri are quite active in the Finnish Python community.

”We have participated every year to PyCon Finland – the annual gathering of Finnish Python developers and enthusiasts”, Henri states.

During the few years Tiny Villain Creative gathered their own good share of client projects: websites and portals, but also graphical designs for publications and portfolios for designers.

New home at Anders

Valtteri and Henri heard about Anders Inno’s job opportunities from a friend.

”Our friend had just started working for Anders Inno. He told as about this highly ambitious company with a constant demand for new professionals, especially Python developers”, Henri recalls.

After that things progressed smoothly. Tiny Villain people went to Anders to discuss their future. Everybody agreed it was good idea that Anders Inno would acquire Tiny Villain Creative.

Henri and Valtteri are now happy Andersians. “We were accepted into the working community right from the get-go, and interesting projects have been coming our way ever since. It was especially interesting to do a responsive rework of Anders Inno’s website”, Valtteri says.

Dreaming of a boat

One thing is vexing the guys, however. It’s a dream that was never fulfilled. Tiny Villain Creative was meant to act as a tool for saving money for their own sailboat. The boat would be called – Deathstar.

“Maybe we will still get it, some day”, Valtteri chuckles hopefully.

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