Enjoy the summer 2020!

Enjoy the summer 2020!

June 18, 2020 Mikko Kivistö News

Before moving on to summer vacations, it’s nice to review the past six months and look at what autumn has in store for us. The past quarters have been fast-paced and I wanted to pick up a few interesting points.

Anders begins the fall even stronger!

To support the new mission and digital vision services, we have partnered with Talent Base company in the spring. When Talent Base and Anders combine their own strengths, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive service portfolio, from digital current state analysis consulting to service development and lifecycle services.

Talent BaseTalent Base is a digital solutions design company founded in 2007, whose services are based on data management, web development, architecture design, agility and project management.

We have already had great successes in projects, and the autumn will start fast with joint plans. We are organizing webinar series for the fall, where the focus will be on how to increase digital productivity. More on this in August - stay tuned!

We are really pleased for our collaboration with Anders. With the services of both companies combined we’ll be able to serve our clientele in a more comprehensive way. This is a good point to continue from after the summer vacations.” – stated the CEO of TalentBase, Tomi Bergman

At the heart of sustainable software development

During the spring we launched a Digital Sustainability mission, which focuses on minimizing digital waste. If software projects start without a greater vision, the possibility for unnecessary solutions and extra work are multiplied.

That is why we always invest in a thorough analysis of the current state and plan the future architecture. The discovery allows us to design step marks for our customer’s future system and process changes, as well as prioritize strategic development projects.

Our service includes mapping of existing systems and data flows, and we always strive to leverage existing data. This is a much more cost-effective approach to updating software in both the short and the long term. We have noticed this especially in the public sector, where the duplication of services through open source is a very cost-effective way to serve different cities´ needs.

Optimizing software development processes is also a significant part of the Digital Sustainability theme, that we support with our expanded DevOps services. We have gained significant benefits from DevOps for our internal development, so we can warmly recommend the operating model to any software development company.

Completed services

During the spring, we have been involved in several interesting projects and here are a few newly released services.


From the beginning, we have been involved in building a unique software solution for the pharmacy industry, released in May 2020. TREET is a mobile application developed by healthcare professionals that brings the pharmacy to mobile. We developed a mobile app for managing a consumer’s own medicine purchase history and to purchasing medicine.

Retkikartta.fi -web map service

Metsähallitus' new map service will be launched in the end of June 2020, and Anders implemented the renewal of the entire online map application. The service is now fully responsive, and the mobile usability was particularly emphasized at the design stage. This free service is available to everyone and there you can find e.g. all Finnish nature trails, hunting and fishing areas, national parks and sports venues. Our expertise in location data management is very well presented in the service.

This is a very good starting point to begin the work in the fall.

I would like to wish everyone a very nice summer and a fast-paced beginning for autumn!

Mikko Kivistö
Mikko Kivistö

Country Manager Finland
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