Encouraging ladies to join the world of programming

Encouraging ladies to join the world of programming

Sept. 4, 2018 Johanna Kainulainen News

Software industry needs more developers. Since majority of the developers are men, during the last few years there have been multiple productive campaigns to encourage more women to the industry.

Mimmit koodaa is a campaign that Finnish software business association Ohjelmistoyrittäjät is coordinating, the goal is to get more women interested in working in software development. Finnish software companies have been actively participating and supporting the campaign by hosting Mimmit koodaa events.

Companies that volunteer as hosts arrange one beginner and one advanced level training. The topics are chosen by the host company. Trainings can be about web-technologies, coding languages, machine learning, robotics or application development. The trainings have been extremely popular and full within few minutes. There can be over 200 ladies waiting in line for a spot so one has to be really quick when signing up!

Mimmit koodaa @ anders

Anders is arranging free programming training workshops for ladies

Anders is participating to the campaign for the first time! Our staff was so excited about the idea, that we decided to arrange training events in both of our offices in Turku and Helsinki. Anders is hosting altogether four training workshops during the autumn, and naturally all topics are about open source technologies. The training workshop for beginners is about Python basics and the advanced level workshops is about Django REST Framework. Especially in the beginner workshop we like to provide information that helps beginners to continue self-learning. Details of the workshops are being published on the Mimmit koodaa -websites (in Finnish). 

Mimmit koodaa -trainings are very useful for introducing programming to women. This industry is really interesting, and it is about learning new things every day. We hope to get more ladies into the world of programming! 

Tech women Turku

Pauliina (left), Sonja and Johanna participating in the Turku tech-ladies afterwork event. Sonja is the most active lady behind the tech lady -network in Turku.