Customer survey shows 100% recommendation rate

Customer survey shows 100% recommendation rate

March 5, 2013 Anders Innovations

The results of our recent customer survey make us humble, but also very happy.

In customer research interviews conducted during January and February 2013 all of our customers told us that

• We are a customer friendly partner,

• We do care, and

• Our customers are willing to recommend us to others.

Anders Innovation’s customer promise is We Care and IT Matters. Serving our customers with intelligent, well-designed and constantly evolving eBusiness and eCommerce solutions and products – not to mention good attitude – is an uncompromising core value for us.

We would like to thank all the respondents of the study for good ideas and feedback. We have responded to the feedback and developed our business based on it. Especially closer cooperation between sales and implementation phases and more uniform customer experience throughout the customer relationship has been pushed forward. We are also constantly working to evolve our performance in these areas.

According to Anders Innovation’s CEO Tomi Alapaattikoski: "We want to improve our work and our workplace on a daily basis. We will closely monitor indicators that tell us about our customers' satisfaction and quality as well as indicators telling us about internal staff well-being and development. By taking care of these four elements we can ensure our strong growth rate in the future. "

We will continue to interview our clients at least at the end of each project, but also at other times. We also love to hear spontaneous and concrete suggestions from our clients on how to improve our performance even further.


We look forward from hearing from you,

Hanna Kivelä

Vice President

Chief Customer Officer

Tel. +358 40 738 5122


Jan Wallden

Sales Director

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