Career story: Deepak Panta – from trainee to software developer

Career story: Deepak Panta – from trainee to software developer

Jan. 13, 2022 Anna-Greta Marttila People & Culture

Deepak Panta has been working at Anders for four years now and we have seen him grow from a trainee to a highly professional Software Developer. Deepak moved to Finland to pursue higher education and he has stayed here for over 10 years already. He utilized our flexible work atmosphere last fall and worked 1,5 months from Spain. Read Deepak’s fascinating career story!

Hi Deepak, what’s your background?  

I came to Finland in 2011 from Nepal to pursue higher education in the field of Information Technology. I did my bachelor's degree in network engineering at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Currently, I am taking a break from my master's degree in Computer Science at Åbo Akademy and focusing on my professional career here at Anders.  

From trainee to Software Developer 

I joined Anders as a software developer trainee in the summer of 2018 and now I work as a Software developer. 

I have learned almost all the coding stuff at Anders since I joined as a trainee. I have learned the best practices of software development, e.g., how to write clean, performant, and maintainable code. Also, code reviews and pair coding were great ways to learn more. 

We have super experienced professionals here and a very supportive culture where one can always ask and receive help. As a trainee, I still felt that I was valued, and it was made easy to contact mentors.  

Do we support learning culture?  

Anders values its developers a lot and promotes a learning culture. Besides learning from colleagues and seniors in the project, we have lots of internal training related to tech and budget for each employee that they can use to learn new things for work or hobby. 

Continuous learning is something that we encourage our professionals to be doing daily. Sure, we do trainings, tech events, hackathons, certifications, and courses and have a training budget for each developer to buy the training/book/course they would like to take. But we also want to challenge our employees to find something new to learn and learn from not only their work but also from their colleagues. We never back down from a hard challenge because we know that this is the best way to learn new things and make everyone that much better at what they do.

Frank Wickstöm, CTOO 

As a non-Finnish speaking employee, have you been settled into our culture?  

I think Anders is a very good place for international employees. We have lots of people who are non-Finnish who have settled very well in the Finnish culture of living and working. Everyone is treated equally in Anders despite their background. 

It has been personally motivating and inspiring to be part of developing and cultivating an international company culture here at Anders. Our international mindset ensures that all candidates and employees, no matter of their background, are treated equally. We make sure that the same quality standards apply to everyone in terms of project assignments, personal development and career paths and selection criteria in recruitment. It's fantastic to see how everyone has a natural interest to learn from each other - not only as professionals but also as global citizens.

Anna-Greta Marttila, HR Business Partner

What’s the best thing about Anders?  

As a developer, I have opportunities to work on different kinds of projects so that I can level up my skills or learn new tech. The flexibility of work and the people of Anders are the best things.

I utilized the flexibility and spent 1,5 months in Spain the last fall and the arrangements were super easy. Anders trusts its employees and the work can be done very independently.

Deepak in SpainDeepak spent 1,5 months working remotely from Spain!     

What are the pros of working in Finland? 

I think the working culture in Finland is great. The work-life balance is a high priority here which is very important. There is equality and low level of bureaucracy at work. 

We are so lucky to have Deepak here at Anders, and it’s been nice to see his professionalism grow! If you are interested to learn more about our open positions, don't hesitate to contact me. 

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