Anders is participating in Capstone project course organized by Turku University of Applied Sciences. We are excited to get to know the professionals of the future and also demonstrate the possibilities that open source software and open data brings.

Capstone who?

The idea behind the course is to allow businesses to get to know the students and for students to get to know the local businesses. The school provides a team of students for the participating companies to work on a project for them. The participating companies represent multiple different fields and offer all kinds of different projects varying from marketing campaigns, IoT solutions to Software development. Anders, being a reliable supplier to the city of Helsinki, decided to focus on public sector open source software. Anders’ team’s goal in The capstone project is to create new uses for open parking data provided by the city of Helsinki.

But what does it actually mean?

Anders has been developing opensource solutions for the City of Helsinki since 2016 as a framework agreement supplier. Our continuing cooperation has yielded great results with many solutions including Parkkihubi. Parkkihubi is essentially a data storage system that connects multiple data sources and provides API’s for different applications to use, Current use cases are mostly for the city of Helsinki’s parking enforcement. Parkkihubi also provides a public API that we are focusing on during this project. We will be updating about the project more in our blog as it progresses. We are overjoyed to have a team of talented students join us to learn about developing these sustainable open source solutions.

 “Considering the technologies used in the project and the project goal, This seemed like the best challenge for me”  – Student, Capstone Project

 “I knew the Anders brand beforehand and their project caught my attention first. It seemed exactly the type of challenge I have been looking for in my studies: real-life development environment with a modern tech stack and an interesting subject.” – Student, Capstone Project

Sounds cool! But how will the project continue?

The capstone course is structured into two phases, planning and development. The development phase will kick off in January 2020, and as is common at Anders we encourage the students to use agile development methods, such as Scrum or Kanban. The project also entails, as a good agile project should, regular meetings with the customer. These meetings are used for demonstrating the current state of the project to the customer and planning future development so that the project goals are precisely what the customer wants.

More on Agile development from our agile guru Jon here.

With this project, we are excited to demonstrate the possibilities that open source software and open data brings. We will be posting more blog posts about the project as the ideas and innovations start taking shape.


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