Anders received Great Place to Work® Certification

Anders received Great Place to Work® Certification

Jan. 9, 2019 Riku Voipio News

Anders participated to Great place to work® Certification process and earned its place to the list of high-performing workplace cultures in Finland. We are proud of this recognition! 

Great place to work® Certification is an internationally valued recognition of how employees experience work environment. Decades of research shows workplaces with high-trust cultures see higher levels of revenues, innovation, customer and patient satisfaction, employee engagement and organizational agility. 

Great Place to Work Certification gives you valuable data about the current state of your workplace culture. In practice - employees participate to an industry-proven Trust Index™ Survey that investigates the workplace culture. When the Trust Index™ reaches over 70 %, the company receives the Certification. Anders has participated many years to the survey and our Trust Index™ has always been over 90 % - which indicates very satisfied employees. 

Anders' HR philosophy

Building an organizational culture starts with the employees that management supports, encourages and helps to succeed by removing every day obstacles. Culture cannot be dictated from above - it is built together, listening to each and appreciating everyone’s opinion.

We have an exceptionally strong team spirit and I am proud to work with such a great group of people. Great place to work® Certification is evidence that we have managed to do the right things together to achieve our common goal - to become Finland’s best workplace.

Employee comments:

My first impression of Anders was great. The Friday breakfast was the first time I really felt like the whole company had a really great attitude towards working and were friends and not only co-workers.

Jaakko Partanen, Assistant Project Manager

Jaakko Partanen, AndersJaakko enjoying pizza In Gdansk.

Anders family is full on talented experts, who know when to be professional or when to lose control and party crazy e.g. in Gdansk or afterworks. Every day turns to victory with these fellows.

Johanna Kainulainen, Marketing Manager

Riku, Johanna ja Tomi at GdanskRiku (photobombing), Johanna and Tomi at restaurant in Gdansk.

In Anders, I can be myself and break the limits with the support of community

Tomi Järvi, Developer

I want to thank every employee for great job and input towards best possible workplace culture.

Riku Voipio, Anders Innovations

Riku Voipio,
Director, HR & Development