Nearing the end of 2015 Anders achieved the National Champion of Finland status in the prestigious European Business Awards competition. This means Anders has entered the final stages of the competition and is running for National Public Champion and this is where Anders needs your help!

Anders is competing in the “The ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year” category. This award goes to the company showing excellence in their organic growth strategy achieving remarkable growth in sales, profitability and market share.

The companies reaching the final stage of the competition have produced a video presentation of their company showcasing their success and telling why they should be voted for. The company who gets most votes of the companies in their home country is rewarded with the National Public Champion title. This title is given to only one company in each of the 32 participating countries – meaning one of the eleven finalist from Finland.

All the 32 National Public Champions reach the last stage of the finals where a second stage of public voting decides who will be named the one and only European Public Champion.

The presentation video for Anders was filmed by New Dawn Ltd from Finland, with whom Anders has successfully cooperated also in the past.

You now have the opportunity to contribute to our success in this highly competitive competition! Have a look at our awesome presentation video HERE and give your vote to Anders!


The European Business Awards’ primary purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe.

For all of the citizens of Europe, our prosperity, social and healthcare systems are reliant on businesses creating an even stronger, more innovative, successful, international and ethical business community – one that forms the beating heart of an increasingly globalised economy.

The European Business Awards programme serves the European business community in three ways:

  • It celebrates and endorses individuals’ and organisations’ success
  • It provides and promotes examples of excellence for the business community to aspire to
  • It engages with the European business community to create debate on key issues

The European Business Awards is now in its 9th year. It attracted over 24 000 businesses to the competition last year and in the public vote generated over 170 000 votes from across Europe. This year the number of businesses involved has risen to 32 000 in 32 countries and the popularity looks to keep growing in the future.

Check out Anders’ video entry and give your vote!

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